Definition Introduction and Evolution of Mass Media


Until 1844 the words transportation and communication were synonymous. Then the same year the first telegraph line and the Mores Code came into being and the nature of our world was forever changed.

Defining media

Media can be described as “the systematic and reliable collection dissemination of public information, public opinion and pubic entertainment by various sources or channels”.

Evolution of Mass Media:

Mean of antiquity lived without effective mass media of communication. So did most of mankind during the middle Ages. True “Julius Caesar” took steps to disseminate news. When he became consul in 60 B.C he issued a rule that senate’s activities be chronicled daily in the “acta Diorna” or the daily acts.

During the Tang dynasty in the seventh century, the Chinese established the Peking Gazette. More important they invented paper, type, ink and xerography. Centuries later Barbarians from the west were to adapt the chines contribution to western civilization.

Coming to the second form of mass media that is electronic media started with the invention of radio by Marconi in 1896. The first broadcast of music and speech was made by an American R. Fessenden in 1906. While television is the result of technological development of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Television network began in the 1930’s rapid growth of programming came about following World War II.

Classification of media:

Modern mass media exist in two basic forms. The more traditional form is written i.e. books, magazines, newspapers. These traditional forms retain their importance today, although technology is changing the habits of human beings. Recently the importance of second form of mass media has increased to a great extent i.e. broadcasting and telecasting.

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