Prostate Cancer Treatment Methods Latest Update

Treatment options for Prostate Cancer: Prostate cancer which is also called as carcinoma of the prostate. Prostate cancer is the production or start of cancer in the prostate, male reproductive system gland.

In most cases prostate cancers grows slowly but in some cases it is shown that it grows relatively quickly.

Signs and symptoms of Prostate Cancer:
needing to urinate more often than usual, including at night – for example if you often need to go again after two hours
difficulty starting to urinate
straining or taking a long time to finish urinating
a weak flow when you urinate
a feeling that you’re not emptying your bladder fully
needing to rush to the toilet – sometimes leaking before you get there
dribbling urine after you finish.
pain when urinating
pain when ejaculating
blood in your urine or semen*
problems getting or keeping an erection – this isn’t a common symptom of a prostate problem and is more often linked to other health conditions such as diabetes or heart problems.

Risk level in prostate Cancer?
Prostate cancer mainly affects men after the age of 50, and risk level increases with increase of age.
In UK research about Prostate cancer it was observed that Black men was more likely to get prostate cancer than other men.
over-weight or obese increases risk of getting Prostate cancer.
Treatment options for Prostate Cancer is newly spreading cancer in man. Specially in research it was comfortable thing that its attack was maximum after the age of 50+.

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