Some Important Fungicides their Use and Company Detail

Fungicides are biocidal (chemical substance or microorganism) chemical compounds or biological organisms used to kill or inhibit fungi or fungal spores.

Followings are informative detail about Fungi sides which are best for entomology students and for former’s.

No. Trade name Formulation Effective Against Dose/Acre Toxicity PHI Company

1 Score 250EC

Dew 250EC

Difeoconazole 250g/L

Inert ingredients 750 g/L

Apple, Potato and tomato: Powdery Mildew
Cucumber: Powdery and Downy Mildew

Gram: Phytopthora

Mango: Anthracnose, Powdery Mildew

Citrus: Withering of Branches

Rice: Blast

Apple: 30ml
Tomato: 50ml

Potato : 10ml


Gram: 120-150


Citrus: 30ml

Rice: 125ml

Brown Syngenta


2 Dolomite580 W.P

Redomel Gold 680 wp

Having difference in formulation %age and dose rate

Metalaxy 10% w/v

Mencozeb 48% w/v

Inert Ingredients: 42%w/v

Potato: Phytopthora

Tomato: Pre Phytopthora

Pumpkin and Cucumber: Downy mildew

Chillies: Color rot







(Ali Akbar)


3 Excel 80%WP Phomistylaluminium 80%w/w
Others to make 100%


250g Brown Sungro
4 Antracol 70%WP Propinep 70%w/w
Others to make 100%

Potato :pre,afterphytophthora,
Melon:downy mildew

500g Green 14days Bayer
5 Melody Duo 66.8%WP Propinep61.3%w/w
Aprolecarb 5.5%w/w

Potato :pre,afterphytophthora,
Melon:downy mildew

300g Brown 20days Bayer
6 Shincar 50%SC Carbendazim 43.5%w/w
Others to make 100%

Powdery mildew 100ml Brown 10 days FMC
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